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25 July 2017,  10:10:24  IST

Payment Gateway for etendering system will be enabled very soon for both Tender Document Fee and EMD.
Architectural Design Competition/EDMC/construction of multi-storey office complex at Karkardooma Industrial Area, East Delhi.

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24/07/2017      288165      EE(EMS)/CNZ/TC/2017-18/03-02 Renovation/ Improvement work of Toilet Live
24/07/2017      288164      EE(EMS)/CNZ/TC/2017-18/03-01 Repair/ Renovation work of Generator Room, BT Room, Staff Room and construction Live
24/07/2017      288163      EE(M)-IV/CNZ/TC/2017-18/10-02 Repair of CTC Live
24/07/2017      288162      EE(M)-IV/CNZ/TC/2017-18/10-01 Repair of CTC Live
24/07/2017      288160      MWEEE-I/2017-2018/TC/.21-1 Name of Work:- Annual maintenance contract of Window/Split Type AC, water cool Live
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No.D/EE(Opr.)/CWS/2017-18/94 New
NIT No. EE(Pr)-I/Sh.S/TC/2016-17/29(03.02.2017) New
Corrigendum:DDH/ADH/TC/WZ/16-17(Tenderno:275750) New
No:-D/EE(pr)-I/SZ/2016-17(Tenderno:275774) New
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