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Tender No: 166057 Tender Ref Date: 27-08-2012
Tender Ref No: E.E.(M)-I/WZ/TC/2012-13/27.3
Contractor Class: Class-5 Contractor Level: Above 5
Tender Category: MCD Norms,Item Rate,Item Rate,Open Tender MCD Currency: INR
Description: Engaging truck (CNG) with driver at C-111/WZ.
Report title: Engaging truck (CNG) with driver at C-111/WZ. FTC No.:-12/66/89/1157/NC-855
No. of Work: 1 Splitting Rule: No Restrictions
Tender Type: Open Tender MCD
Department: EE(M-WZ)-I Division/Office: -
Officer: Ajay Gautam (M-WZ-I) Designation: Executive Engineer
Remark: Engaging truck (CNG) with driver at C-111/WZ. FTC No.:-12/66/89/1157/NC-855
Tender Notice Text Contents Notice Text
South Delhi Municipal Corporation Office of the Executive Engineer(M)-I, West Zone (NOTICE INVITING TENDER) NIT No. :- E.E.(M)-I/WZ/TC/2012-13/27 Dated:- 27.08.12 Last Date of Download of Tender Document 07.09.12 upto 02.00 P.M. Last Date of Bid Preparation and Hash submission 07.09.12 upto 03.00 P.M. Date of Re-encryption of Online Bid…… From 07.09.12 6 P.M. to 10.09.12 15:00 P.M. Opening of Financial Bid 10.09.12 at 3.30 P.M. (Last Date & Time for submission of Draft upto 12:00 Noon 10.09.12) FOR ONLINE TENDERING TIME TABLE PLEASE REFER Sealed percentage rate for tenders are invited for the execution of the following works by the MCD from approved and eligible contractor and will be received as per time table and well be opened at 03.30 P.M. on 10.09.12 in the office of Executive Engineer(M)-I/WZ, Opp. Madhav Park, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-27 on website by MCD e-tendering. The registered contractors of MCD only are eligible to tender of the amount they have registered in their respective category subject to the conditions that they are neither black listed nor debarred at the time of purchase of tenders. <
> The detailed draft NIT can be seen from the office of the undersigned. All circular’s issued up to date as applicable shall be adhered to. Conditions given in the printed NIT form A-32, Chapter 9 of the South Municipal Accounts Code Part I will hold good. The contractors will have to give a declaration about the name of their relatives employed in MCD along with each tender. The contractors will have to submit a list of works which are in hand at time of purchase of tenders as mentioned below. 1. Name of work 2. Name of Division 3. Amount of work. 4. Date of completion}As per agreement 5. Position of work 6. Remarks {Reasons for delay, if any} or as Applicable. Bidding Documents can be downloaded from the website- Both Tender cost and Earnest money can be deposited in the form of Bank Draft of a scheduled Bank in favour of Commissioner, South Delhi Municipal Corporation as the validity of D.D. / P.O., is now 3 months the fresh drafts / P.O. would be accepted no re-use draft / P.O. would be accepted. The desirous contractors shall have to Pay the Tender Cost and Earnest Money mentioned against the work at the time of Re-Encryption of Online Bid i.e. from 07.09.12 6 PM to 10.09.12 upto 12:00 Noon. The Demand draft for Tender Cost and Earnest Money will be received in, E.E.(M)-I/WZ, Opp. Madhav Park, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi 10.09.12 upto 12:00 Noon and the draft Nos. of tender cost & E/M would exactly the same as mentioned by the contractor at the time of downloading the tender otherwise the same would be rejected. NOTE (i) Quality assurance / audit of works by the approved testing organization as per MCD resolution No. 573 dated 13.03.03 will be carried out & decision of the same will be applicable to the tender (ii) Fresh bitumen shall confirm to grade & quality as specified in nomenclature of them. Bitumen required for the work shall be purchased / brought as site / Plan by the contractor shall be required to submit the following document (a) Photocopy of the invoice in duplicate from the manufacture as a proof of procurement of fresh bitumen. (b) The name of work shall be written by the contractor on the photocopy of invoice. This photocopy will be self attested by the contractor certifying that this is true copy of original invoice. This attestation will be done by the contractor in the presence of engineer in charge or divisional accountant. (c) One photocopy of the invoice self attested by the contractor will be given to engineer in charge at site & other to divisional accountant. (iii) If the rate quoted by the lowest tender are found abnormally low the payment to the contractor for the work shall only be made after inspection by the quality control cell at different stage and these finding shall be final & binding on the contractor. All the testing charges from the independent laboratory shall be born by the contractor. In case the lowest contractor fails to commence / complete the work with In the stipulated period, the contractor shall be liable for disciplinary action as per the provision of the enlistment rule / instruction issued from time to time. (iv) Circular No. D/324/EE(P)-II dated 16.06.04 regarding earnest money & No. D/EE (P)-III/380 dated 28.03.05 regarding security deposited & performance guarantee are applicable (v) General specification & all special conditions for dense carpeting may also be seen in the office of undersigned. (vi) The new quality testing process / sampling process is as per circular No. C.V.O./Vig./05/2289 dated 17.05.05 shall be followed. Circular with respect to amendment to be attached with general condition of contract for South Mpl. Corporation of Delhi as per circular No. D/EE(P)/III/27/2006-07 dated 19.05.06 shall be applicable. Circular No. D/SE(Q.C.)/2006/1571 dated 25.10.06 issued by Supdt. Engg. (Q.C.) shall be applicable. Circular No. SE(Q.C.)/06-07/D-2816 & 2817 dated 20.02.07 issued by Supdt. Engg. (Q.C.) shall be applicable and Third party inspection / Quality auditing shall be carried out by the out side agency as notified during the execution of work by the competent authority. Special Conditions on which MMV with driver will be hired given below:- 1. Only MMV of minimum capacity of 2.5 cum shall be accepted. 2. MMV shall be utilized for shifting of various material like malba. Earth stone agg. sand bricks, cement, Hot Mix etc. from one place to another place in the jurisdiction of Delhi as per directions of Engineer-in-Charge. 3. The MMV along with driver and Diesel and lubricants should be provided by the contractor. The cost of diesel shall be paid separately as per actual consumption on duty verified by the A.E./J.E. 4. The vehicle should not be older than five years. 5 The contractor shall be responsible for supply of engaged vehicle according to requirement as and when required by MCD within 24 hours of receipt of such information, if the contractor fails to supply the vehicle within the above period his earnest money will be forfeited and vehicle will be engaged from other agency at his own risk & cost. 6 The contractor shall be responsible to supply the engaged tempo in good running condition and equipped with working speedometer showing distance in Kilometer and speed governor. 7 Rates shall be quoted including the cost of lubricants, salary of operational crew for 8 working hours on daily basis in prescribed Performa supplied by M.C.D. 8 The payment shall be made on the basis of actual working days and kilometer certified by J.E./A.E. in charge as per muster roll. 9 The contract can be terminated ever before the expiry of contract period without assigning any reason. 10 The department will not be responsible for making arrangement of diesel lubricants etc in case shortage of private diesel filling station. 11 The contractor shall maintain a log book for vehicle at J.E. store for recording and inspection by J.E./A.E. in charge and they will certify about the correctness of working days, decision of J.E./A.E. regarding the actual working days and KM shall be bound to the contractors. 12 It is expressly understood that any person employed by the contractor shall remain employee of the contractor and M.C.D. has no concern with them in any manner. 13 The salary of the staff and operation and maintenance cost of vehicle shall be made by the contractor. There will be no liability on this account to M.C.D. 14. No damage charges to the vehicle or human being shall be made by M.C.D. It will be they responsibility of the contractor for payment/compensation. Note:- Rates of Earnest Money and withdrawal of facility of general earnest money as circulated vide circular No. MWB&ACCTTS/2005/138 dated 24.8.05 shall be followed. EXECUTIVE ENGINEER(M)-I/WZ
Sl. No. Name of Work Tender Amt. E.M. (In Rs.) Time of Comp. Validity of Rates Tender Amt. H/A
3. Engaging truck (CNG) with driver at C-111/WZ. FTC No.:-12/66/89/1157/NC-855 Item Rate 4800/- 4M 6M 500/- 89/1157
Tender Common Templates
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
EMD Amount In Rs: 4100
Sr No Name of Work Head of Accounts Date Estimated Value In Rs Completion Time (Months) Select
1 Engaging truck (CNG) with driver at C-111/WZ. FTC No.:-12/66/89/1157/NC-855 89/1157 - 162400 4 a
Fee Structure
SrNo Stage Amount (Rs.)
1 Download Tender Document 500
Seq No MCD Stage Contractor Stage Start Date & Time Expiry Date & Time Envelopes
1 Release Tender - 27-08-2012 12:00 27-08-2012 18:00 -
2 - Download Tender Document 27-08-2012 18:01 07-09-2012 14:00 Financial Envelope
3 - Bid Preparation and Hash Submission 27-08-2012 18:01 07-09-2012 15:00 Financial Envelope
4 Close For Bidding - 07-09-2012 15:01 07-09-2012 18:00 Financial Envelope
5 - Re-encryption of online bids 07-09-2012 18:01 13-09-2012 15:00 Financial Envelope
6 Opening of Financial Bid - 13-09-2012 15:30 14-09-2012 18:00 Financial Envelope
7 Justification,Negotiation and Approval of Bid - 13-09-2012 18:01 23-09-2012 18:00 Financial Envelope
8 Tender Award - 13-09-2012 18:01 12-01-2013 17:00 Financial Envelope