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Tender No: 190265 Tender Ref Date: 16-05-2013
Tender Ref No: EE(Pr)/Narela/TC/2013-14/04-05
Contractor Class: Class-1 Contractor Level: Above 1
Tender Category: MCD Norms,Percentage Rate Work,Percentage Rate,Open Tender MCD Currency: INR
Description: Pdg. RMC
Report title:
No. of Work: 1 Splitting Rule: No Restrictions
Tender Type: Open Tender MCD
Department: EE-Project Narela Division/Office: -
Officer: B. B. Jaiswal Narela proj. Designation: Executive Engineer
Remark: Providing and laying RMC and const. of drain from Lalit Yadav Plot to Rohtak road, Ganpati Dharam Kanta to Delhi Jal Board land and near DMRC casting yard on Phirni road of Mundka village C-30 in Narela Zone.
Tender Notice Text Contents Notice Text
N.I.T. No. EE (Prj.)/Narela/TC/2013-14/4 Dated: 15.05.2013 Last Date of Purchase and Download of Tender Document 03.06.2013 upto 12.00 Noon. Last Date of Bid Preparation and Hash submission 05.06.2013 upto 10.00 AM. Close for bidding on 05.06.2013 from 10.01 AM to 5.00 PM. Date of Re-encryption of Online Bid from 05.06.2013 07.06.2013 9:00 AM. & submission of drafts (Tender Cost & Earnest Money ) upto 10.00 A.M. Opening of Financial Bid 07.06.2013 at 10:15 P.M. The Executive Engineer (Project)- Narela invites on behalf of the Commissioner, North DMC sealed percentage /item rate tenders from the approved and eligible contractors. The tenders will be opened on the website by Executive Engineer (Project) Narela. Rates hold goods for 5 months.
Name of work Head of A/c Estimated Cost Tender Amount Earnest Money Tender cost Time of Completion Rates hold goods
Providing and laying RMC and const. of drain from Lalit Yadav Plot to Rohtak road, Ganpati Dharam Kanta to Delhi Jal Board land and near DMRC casting yard on Phirni road of Mundka village C-30 in Narela Zone. L.A. Road Rs.3,29,98,000/- Rs.3,57,09,934/- Rs.6,60,000/- Rs.1500/- 8 Months 5 Months
Tender document can be downloaded online on website for bidding by approved and eligible contractors registered with M.C.D. and detailed NIT can be seen on website. The desirous contractors shall have to submit the drafts for Tender cost & Earnest money in favour of “Commissioner, North Delhi Municipal Corporation” mentioned against the work at the time of Re-encryption of Online bid upto 3.00 P.M. as per aforesaid schedule in the office of the SE (Project) Narela, Sub Zonal Building,Sector-17, Rohini, Delhi In the absence of pay order/ Demand draft the tender documents will be rejected at the time of opening of financial bid. If any holiday falls on above dates the N.I.T. sale/ opening deferred on next working day. Condition of clause -7, Clause-9 & Clause 9-A regarding payment of bills and Clause 10-CA regarding payment due to increase/ decreased in price of cement, steel & bitumen will be applicable as per circular no. D/EE(P)III/27/2006-07 dated 19.5.2006, D-08/EE(P)III/NDMC/2012-13 dt. 27.11.2012 and D/280/EE(P)-III dated 11.04.2011. If the rate quoted by the lowest tenderer are found abnormally low the payment to the contractor for the work shall only by made after inspection by the Quality Control Cell at different stages and these findings shall be final and binding on the contractor. All the testing charges from the independent laboratory shall be borne by the contractor. In case, the lowest contractor fails to commence/complete the work within the stipulated period to commence the work the contractor shall be liable for disciplinary action as the provision of the enlistment rule/instruction issued from time to time(as per Resolution no.920 dated 17.3.2004) along with the action contemplated in the General Condition of Contract. Contractors have to display a board at site mentioning with following points :- (a) Name of work (b) amount of work (c) Name of the contractor (d) Date of start (e) Date of completion (f) Specification of work. Contractor who has downloaded the tender documents are required to put the tender for works failing which they will be themselves liable for payment of tender cost and disciplinary action. The following conditions shall also apply:- 1. The contractors shall give a declaration about the name of their relative employed in the MCD along with each application. 2. Thecontractor shall submit a list of work, which are in hand at the time of purchase of tenders. The list shall have the following information a) Name of work b) Name of division c) Amount of work d) Date of completion as per agreement e) Position of work f) Remarks (reasons for delay, if any) Failing compliance of above instruction, no tender shall be given to the contractors. As per circular issued by the EE (P) III, the labour cess on the total work value will be deducted from the contractor running bill and as per circular issued by S.E. (QC) vide no. D/SE(QC)/06-07/2816 & 2817 dt. 20.2.2007 and SE(QC)/2006/1571 dt. 25.10.2006 will also applicable. As per circular by E.E.(P) III vide dated 11.12.2006 , it is ensured that all NITs to be approved by them and tender invited henceforth should be without arbitration clause (Clause 25 settlement of disputes & arbitration). All relevant circular issued from time to time by the MCD/NDMC will be applicable. Details, terms and conditions can be seen in the website. Tender documents available on the web site for bidding by approved and eligible contractors Ex. Engineer (Project)-Narela
Tender Common Templates
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
EMD Amount In Rs: 714200
Sr No Name of Work Head Of Accounts Date Estimated Value In Rs Completion Time (Months) Validity of Rates (In Months) Select
1 Providing and laying RMC and const. of drain from Lalit Yadav Plot to Rohtak road, Ganpati Dharam Kanta to Delhi Jal Board land and near DMRC casting yard on Phirni road of Mundka village C-30 in Narela Zone. L.A. Road - 35709934 8 5 a
Fee Structure
SrNo Stage Amount (Rs.)
1 Download Tender Document 1500
Seq No MCD Stage Contractor Stage Start Date & Time Expiry Date & Time Envelopes
1 Release Tender - 15-05-2013 10:00 16-05-2013 17:00 -
2 - Download Tender Document 16-05-2013 17:01 03-06-2013 12:00 Financial Envelope
3 - Bid Preparation and Hash Submission 16-05-2013 17:01 05-06-2013 10:00 Financial Envelope
4 Close For Bidding - 05-06-2013 10:01 05-06-2013 17:00 Financial Envelope
5 - Re-encryption of online bids 05-06-2013 17:01 07-06-2013 10:00 Financial Envelope
6 Opening of Financial Bid - 07-06-2013 10:15 07-06-2013 18:00 Financial Envelope
7 Justification,Negotiation and Approval of Bid - 07-06-2013 18:01 15-06-2013 17:00 Financial Envelope
8 Tender Award - 15-06-2013 18:01 14-11-2013 17:00 Financial Envelope